Comment porter son chien ?

How to carry your dog?

Have you ever been surprised by a friend or partner when you suddenly find yourself without contact with the ground and are lifted off the ground?

Your dog will have the same reaction if you carry him in the wrong way or if you don't warn him.

Below are the most comfortable and safe ways to carry your dog, depending on his size and any health problems he may have.


Carrying a small dog or puppy (-10kg)

You should prefer stability and the dog should feel supported before being carried. Despite its small size, both your hands are necessary!

  • Put yourself at his height
  • Warn him with a gesture, a word, a command that you will use throughout his life
  • Place your dominant arm between his front legs and under his chest
  • The other hand should support his hindquarters and his back, under his abdomen
  • When carried, your dog should be against you.

Some small breeds of dogs are more prone to back problems and hernias. Be careful when handling your dog!

Carrying a medium or large dog (10-30 kg)

Don't hurt your back! If your dog is too heavy for you, have a second person help you.

  • Signal your dog with a gesture or a command
  • Crouch down at his height, keeping your back straight
  • Place one arm around his chest and the second behind his hind legs, under his tail
  • Stand up with a straight back.
  • If there are two of you carrying the dog, one will support the chest with the head and the second will support the belly and hindquarters.

Carrying an older dog with arthritis or hip problems

Dogs with chronic pain should be carried with great care to avoid aggravating their condition. If their size allows, a carrier bag is ideal. If this is not possible, support your dog well as a whole without putting pressure on the painful areas.

If your dog is injured, you can use a towel or sling to lift his hindquarters and relieve him in his walking. There are ramps for avoiding stairs or getting into the car, so you don't have to carry them. Depending on his injury and the procedures he has undergone, your veterinarian will explain the best way to proceed.


My dog hates being carried

It is possible that your dog was not carried enough when he was smaller, he may not be socialized enough, so he is not used to it and does not like the feeling.

It is also possible that your dog suffers when you carry him, in this case, check the general condition of your dog, if a pain is localized or not. If his condition is abnormal, do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian.

You may have surprised him or your dog is anxious, in this case, being carried is not pleasant for him. Never make any sudden or forced gestures to carry your dog, the trust must be mutual.


Gestures to avoid

Never carry your dog by the legs (front or back), nor like Simba, you could hurt him and scare him.

Do not carry your dog by the skin of the neck either, this gesture is reserved for the mother and her puppy.


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