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Even if your pets are healthy and eating good quality food every day, adding certain supplements may be just as beneficial.

Whether they are growing or getting older - whether they have joint problems or digestive issues - we add supplements to every meal for our pets, and we see the positive effects they can have on their overall condition.

We have prepared a non-exhaustive list of the supplements we frequently use at home!


  • Fish oil

Contains large quantities of Omega 3 and 6 which are crucial for the proper functioning of the organs. Fish oil is especially recommended for young growing animals as well as aging animals, but can be used throughout a lifetime, it would increase life expectancy!

In terms of benefits, fish oil improves fertility, healing, and has a beneficial effect on the shine of the coat and the quality of the skin.

As a preventive measure, fish oil also relieves chronic and inflammatory diseases (osteoarthritis, diabetes, kidney failure) and can fight against cardiovascular diseases.

We recommend salmon, mackerel, herring and sardine oils. The oils should never be cooked.

The assimilation of Omega 3 is relatively slow, so a daily intake is needed over several months to have an effect and see a difference.

We highly recommend this supplement for your dogs and cats!


  • Brewer's yeast

Originating from a small mushroom, it is the same yeast that your bakers and brewers use to make bread and beer.

Brewer's yeast contains vitamins of the B group which have an effect on the general metabolism of the dog. These vitamins also have a beneficial effect on coat and skin health. If your dog is losing too much hair, this is the supplement you need!

It also contains trace elements (antioxidant properties) and prebiotics, which stimulate the development of bacteria necessary for the good health of your dog's digestive system.

We highly recommend this supplement for your dogs and cats!


  • Green Lipped Mussel powder

Entirely natural, this powder is reputed to relieve the joint pains of your animals. It is also used as an anti-inflammatory.

The green abalone mussel comes from New Zealand, their breeding lasts more than a year and the mollusks are then freeze-dried to obtain a powder.

This supplement can also be used to fight asthma in dogs and would increase lung capacity, thus avoiding bronchial inflammation.

The powder fights against osteoarthritis and against the pains related to the inflammations of the articulations. This is an indispensable supplement for dogs suffering from hip dysplasia (often linked to intense joint pain and arthritis).

We strongly recommend this supplement for your dogs and cats. Be careful to choose a 100% molded powder or capsules, at the risk of not having enough effect.


There are also other natural supplements that can have beneficial effects on your animals. We have listed the main ones as follows:


  • Blond psyllium

Used to solve your dog's digestion problems, in case of constipation or diarrhea!

This plant is also known to reduce cholesterol levels and to regulate blood sugar in diabetic dogs.

As the plant swells in contact with water, it can also be used in overweight dogs to make them feel fuller more quickly.


  • Active vegetable charcoal

Used as a natural sponge, charcoal can relieve your pet's digestive problems by combating bloating and flatulence.

In preventive or curative use, activated charcoal will protect your pet's intestinal flora and be effective against diarrhea.

Thanks to its absorbing properties, activated vegetable charcoal would also destroy the bacteria responsible for your dog's bad breath!


  • Coconut oil

This oil will strengthen your dog's metabolism by providing good fat. It can be used to relieve a sensitive digestive system and to treat infections in a preventive way.

Externally, it can fight dermatitis and soothe your pet's skin.

To be used in moderation, as it is a super fat food.


  • Grapefruit seed extract

Can be used as a preventive measure to avoid viruses and diseases, thanks to the many vitamins contained in the seeds.

The extract is also used externally to fight against eczema!


  • Spirulina

Food rich in proteins (60%), spirulina will be a great asset for the general functioning of the body, as well as to preserve the muscle mass. It also brings a feeling of satiety quickly, which can be an asset for overweight dogs.

Spirulina contains multiple vitamins, which will have effects on vision, bones, the immune system, the nervous system, the aging of cells.


Whether you use only one supplement, or several, the preparation of the bowls will establish a routine of trust with your pet (the meal becomes prepared, cooked!) and the addition of supplements will undoubtedly increase the yearning of the meals for your pets!

Of course, when in doubt, check with your veterinarian to see if the supplements you wish to use are appropriate. Also be careful with the recommended dosage! An overdose will not have serious long-term effects, but it can affect your pet's stool!


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