Fast eating

Is your dog fast eating?

Many many dogs around the globe get very impatient around dinner time. Many of them have a tendency to swallow the contents of their bowl in a record time, which may lead to serious diseases and discomfort, for both you and your favorite fur friend.

Dinner time must remain a happy, calm and safe moment. If your dog – like ours – takes less than 3 minutes to empty the food bowl, please consider buying one of these:

Anti-choke bowl

Anti-choke bowl


The benefits of the Slow-feeder / Anti-gulp / Anti-choke

Likely to reduce the speed of eating by 10 times, these bowls will encourage your dog’s natural instincts of searching for food and allow at the same time to improve your dog’s digestion and overall gut health, decrease bloating and most importantly will allow your dog to enjoy dinner time rather than jumping on food, worried it will run out. It will also reduce the amount of air they gulp down.

Different models

These useful bowls are made of food safe plastic and often include spikes, labyrinths, spirals, rivets and barriers to stop your dog from swallowing too much food at a time.

You will find different types of bowls that can match your dog’s features (flat or long nose for instance).

Don’t expect them to have dinner for half and hour, but it will significantly increase their time at the table and decrease their chances of getting sick right after.

You can use this bowl with wet and dry food, it can go directly to the washing machine after use.

Alternative or complementary solutions

One thing that also helps is to divide your dog’s daily ration into two or three meals – establish a routine that will calm your dog down as they’ll know they’re being fed regularly.

If you have several dogs, dinner time may turn into a competition – in that case, try to have your dogs eat at the same time but in separate rooms.

Of course, beware of stomach twists by ensuring your pet does not exercise before and after dinner, does not ingest large quantities of food at a time and does not drink liters of water all at once.

In addition to the slow feeder bowl, you can also use a licking mat for treats and supplements, such as peanut butter, butternut squash, carrot puree, etc. Place your lick mat in the freezer for a couple minutes, it will last longer and entertain your dog while eating their favorite treats!


Orange and blue licking pads

Licking pad


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