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Bathing your dog

Most dogs enjoy water, but when it comes to shower time, it's often a different story!

We have prepared a short guide to bathing your dog, whether you do it yourself at home, or leave the honor to your groomer.

In case of doubt, don't hesitate to consult your veterinarian who will be able to guide you by taking into account the particularities of your dog and the possible risks for his health.


How often?

The frequency of grooming varies according to the breed, age, hair type and lifestyle. The most standard recommendation is 4 times a year for dogs that are at least two months old (before that, there is no point, as the hair is not permanent).

In a more general way, you should shower your dog:

- When dirty or rolled in the mud (or worse)

- When in contact with toxic products (chlorine from your pool, for example).

- When too hot (it is better to spray cool water on his legs, belly and neck)

- When suffering from a skin problem and having a treatment that consists in bathing with a special product

It is very important not to bathe your dog too regularly. Dogs have a layer of sebum on their skin that naturally protects them from external aggression. Washing them too often destroys this natural protective layer and can cause itching and skin irritation.

To avoid having to clean them too often, nothing is better than an efficient and regular brushing. 


Before the bath

It is imperative to brush your dog well to remove visible dirt and any knots or dead hair.

Run warm water in your shower or bathtub so that your dog's paws get used to the water and temperature.

Make yourself comfortable, you'll end up wet!


During the bath

The water should be warm, around 35-38°C. Your dog should not feel cold.

Wet your dog thoroughly, avoiding the eyes and ears.

Massage with a suitable shampoo and rinse thoroughly. There should be no product residue left on your dog. It is important to use special shampoos because dogs do not have the same pH as us. Using a human product can cause reactions and allergies.

If your dog doesn't like water, don't stress him even more. Make bath time a soothing moment of complicity. You can also use a licking mat with peanut butter (100% peanut) or Greek yogurt to take his mind off things.


After the bath

It's not quite over yet! Now you have to dry your dog well with a dry towel or an adapted bathrobe. All this in a warm place and away from draughts.

You can use a hair dryer if your dog can stand the noise, but keep it away from the skin so as not to burn it.

Your dog must be absolutely dry before going outside, especially if it is cold outside. The layer of sebum that regulates his body temperature has just disappeared with the bath. They need to stay warm until completely dry.

Give him a treat to end the ritual and you there you go, a nice and clean dog!


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