Les chiens géants

Giant dogs

Many of us prefer to snuggle with larger than average dogs. Giant dogs or not, the breeds that follow are known to be among the largest.


But can a giant dog be a good pet?

If you're not intimidated by their enormous size, then you'll find that these huge balls of fur have an unusually calm and affectionate disposition compared to their smaller counterparts. Some giant breeds are even referred to as house breeds. They do require their daily amount of exercise, but you might be surprised at their good temperament, and their loyalty to their owners.

Most giant breeds are originally bred to protect livestock or humans, and therefore need a good level of education and socialization to make them the perfect pet (although this obviously applies to all dog breeds)!

XXL dogs will make you think big - take into account that veterinary treatments are most of the time quantified by weight, that big dogs often have joint problems, that there is more drool, more hair, that you will need big poop bags. Beyond these inconveniences, large dogs will give you the best of times, despite a shorter than average life expectancy.



The Saint Bernard

You know them mostly for their rescue exploits in the Alps, or as nanny dogs. These huge dogs (between 50 and 80 kg) enjoy the company of humans, both big and small, and are very friendly and playful. They do not appreciate heat at all.


The Leonberg

Bred to be pets, this is a breed favored by French and English royal families. A calm, caring and elegant dog despite its impressive size will make it the perfect companion for families (including with children).

The Bernese Mountain Dog

A large, gentle and affectionate dog, in addition to being beautiful. These are dogs that enjoy both quiet family time and outdoor exercise.


The Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Of ancient origin, these dogs are extremely intelligent and protective of their families. They can weigh up to 70 kg, and are often used as working dogs with livestock or on farms.


The Newfoundland

A gentle and powerful dog, particularly suited to swimming thanks to its webbed toes. It is the most popular giant breed among families.


The Mastiff

This dog can reach 75cm at the withers and weigh as much as a human. Originally bred to hunt big game, they are very well suited to become guard dogs.



The Dogue de Bordeaux

50 kg of love for this powerful dog, it has the broadest head of the canine kingdom. This dog is an excellent family guardian when well socialized and educated over the long term.


The Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is one of the largest dogs, but is still an adorable and gentle companion to children and other animals. Originally bred for war, they have become over time particularly suited to be a perfect companion.


The Great Dane

This very elegant giant dog exceeds 80cm at the withers. It is very affectionate and emotionally attached to its master.


The Pyrenean Mountain Dog

A dog particularly adapted to life in the cold, thanks to its waterproof double coat. They are known for their friendliness and their quality as a sheepdog.


The Caucasian Shepherd


A breed renowned for guarding, these dogs require a sufficiently seasoned master to overcome their strong and obstinate character. Originally bred to hunt bears, they can weigh up to 90 kg.

It requires a lot of activity and intense training.


The Swiss Mountain Dog

The Swiss Mountain Dog is a gentle and affectionate dog that loves to work and would not feel comfortable confined to an apartment. This breed keeps a baby character longer than the average, because it matures late.


The Akita

Of Japanese origin, this large dog is very loyal and affectionate to its owners, but will be wary of strangers. They are known for their courage, and will require a good education from an early age, as they are also known to be stubborn.


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