Les incontournables de l’été

Summer essentials

As you may have noticed, the temperature is starting to rise and summer is just around the corner!
It is without a doubt a season we all enjoy, the sun, the BBQs, the walks, the water! Your dog is certainly the first one at the door to go on an adventure with you!
But beware, summer also has its dangers for our four-legged friends, so we've prepared a compilation of must-haves for the summer!

Our 10 must-haves for a great summer with your dog:

- Fresh water at all times

And in a clean bowl!
Make sure you don't leave the water bowl out in the sun, there's nothing worse than having to drink hot water when you're already hot!
In summer, we advise you to leave several water bowls inside, and outside (if you have one).
When you go for a walk, don't forget to take water for you and for your pet !
At The Pets Ark, we offer you collapsible bowls or even a water bottle to take with you on every outing.

- Ice cubes

Have you ever tried it? Our dogs love them.
Whether it's standard water-based ice cubes or homemade ice cubes made with your dog's favorite ingredients, ice cubes will have a refreshing effect while having the positive effect of a reward for your dog.

- Shade

Even if your dog likes to bask in the sun, it's best to stay in a cool place out of the sun during the hottest part of the day.

- Grass


Tar and sand are the number one enemy of your dog's paws.
In hot weather, tar can heat up to 60°C and burn your dog's paws.
We recommend going out in the field or in the forest or using appropriate slippers so that your dog's paws don't get burned on the road.

- Fresh air

Make sure your home is at least cooler than the outside. Dogs rest better when they're not hot!
If you use a fan, make sure the dog can't hurt himself with it.

- Water or a wading pool

Dogs don't sweat as much as humans to regulate their temperature. Give them a little help by wetting their sensitive areas with cool water (neck, belly, paws).

- Cool bedding

Your dog will prefer cool floors (tiles) or cool places in your home. Let him choose his bedding, he will know better than you to place himself in a comfortable place. We recommend the use of cooling mats to allow your dog to gain a few degrees when he rests! Soon available on our store !

- Maintenance

If you have a long-haired dog, it would be advisable to cut off some of the length so that he doesn't suffocate under the hair.
This doesn't mean that your short-haired dog can't get too hot! Instead, brush regularly to air out his coat and get rid of dead undercoat, which keeps him warm!

- Outdoor activity...

... during the coolest hours of the day! Intense activity in full sunlight should be strictly avoided. Prefer activities in the morning and at the end of the day.

- Food

Even though your dog may seem to have less appetite during hot weather, it is still important to get his strength back.
We recommend feeding your dog twice a day, before and after hot weather, but be careful not to feed your pet shortly before or after heavy exercise. Do not hesitate to give your dog cucumber or watermelon, these fresh foods are full of water and are the perfect snack to hydrate your pet.

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