Les léchouilles du chien

Your dog's licks

Your doggie's tongue is not only there for tasting purposes!

Their tongue is also there to help them groom, maintain their coat, but also to explore, communicate, and even regulate their body temperature.

So why is your dog licking you?

This behavior can have several meanings:

A sign of affection

Your dog's licks can obviously be proof of the love your dog has for you. It shows a great deal of affection towards you, even if you don't like them very much!

This sign of affection goes back to your dog's primal instincts - close dogs tend to groom themselves, like a mom with her puppy.

If your dog licks you, it simply means that you are considered a full-fledged member of his family.

A sign of submission

This goes back to the wild instinct of the dog - in a pack, a submissive dog will usually lick the pack leader to show obedience.

If your dog licks you, it may also mean that he accepts your authority as his master.

A need for attention

When your dog licks you, he is communicating with you. He may be trying to get your attention, either on himself or on something else around you.

Again, if we analyze the dog's primary instinct, the puppy will lick his mother when he is hungry.

A need to relieve stress

The mother licks her puppies to reassure them. Your dog may mimic this behavior in uncomfortable or stressful situations.

Be careful that your dog does not reject this behavior on himself, as prolonged licking can cause serious damage to your pet and hide a more complex behavior problem.

A need for exploration and development

Your dog needs to smell and taste his environment, and you are an integral part of his environment.

If your dog licks you, it is also to know your taste and to recognize you at all times.

Is it dangerous for my health?

The dog's tongue is not really clean (this is a myth). It is better to avoid that your dog licks you on an open wound, and it is better to rinse your skin once the licks are over.

How can I prevent my dog from licking me?

If you're not a fan of your dog's licks, first try to find the cause of this behavior in order to satisfy your dog's need.

You can then break your dog's habits by offering a positive alternative, diverting his attention or ignoring him, so that he changes his method of getting your attention.

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