Une maison adaptée aux chiens

Dog-friendly home


Will you be welcoming a dog into your home soon? You’ve had a dog for a long time but you are not sure if your home is adapted to his needs?

Every family adapts their home when a child comes into their life, you should actually do the same for your dog!

Below is a guide to the most important things to consider, to make sure your dog is as comfortable in his home as you are in yours!


- Carpets and rugs

This should be avoided whenever possible for several reasons. Pets don't take off their shoes when they come home, so unless you take the time to clean their paws after each outing, they'll get your carpets dirty.

The hair will also get into the mesh of the fabric, it can become very difficult to get rid of it! Dirt accumulates and your carpets are full of bacteria.


If you can, choose hard, easy-to-clean surfaces such as floors or tiles (scratch-resistant).


- Store fragile or valuable items

Don't leave anything lying around, your dog's curiosity will inevitably lead him to try it! Avoid foreign body ingestion by putting away anything that is lying around (shoes too!)


- Don't leave electrical wires exposed

Some dogs may have fun gnawing on them and risk electrocution


- Don't go for white or light-colored furniture

Your sofa won't stay white for long! Choose furniture made of scratch-resistant materials that are easy to clean (leather, for example, is an excellent candidate).


- Replace your toxic household products with natural products

We recommend avoiding bleach and washing your floors with black soap, for example, as it is completely natural and just as effective.


- Store your food in closed spaces and out of reach of your dogs

Leave your baguette lying around on the counter, and your dog will be happy to take care of it. 


- Invest in a trash can that closes completely

With a lid, preferably in a place where your dog does not have access, to avoid that he takes out the garbage and eats your leftovers!


- Check the toxicity of your indoor plants

If you have any, some plants (which we listed a few weeks ago) are extremely toxic and allergenic to your dogs.


- Put up gates or door locks

Baby gates do the trick! If your dog isn't allowed in a space, use them. Closet door locks can also be useful, if your dog has figured out how to open them!


- Invest in a powerful vacuum cleaner

Hair will become your worst enemy!


- If you have an exterior, the same exercise is to be done outside!




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