Mon chien n’aime pas la pluie

My dog doesn't like the rain

It's raining like crazy and it's unfortunately time to go potty, you get motivated, dress accordingly, and then the drama happens. Your dog doesn't move an eyelash and refuses to go outside. Has this ever happened to you?

What could be more normal when you think about it, you wouldn't go out of your own accord if it was raining hard outside, and your dog is certainly much more comfortable on his couch!

This does not apply to all dogs, as some love the rain. It is reported that 30% of dogs are afraid of rain or weather storms.

Some reasons that can impact your rainy weather outings:

  • Fear of storms

This is most certainly the case if your dog barks when it rains or when there is a storm. This is called astraphobia. Astraphobia can affect dogs of all ages, but usually appears at a young age in puppies and disappears with difficulty as they grow up.

The main symptoms of astraphobia are revealed if your dog :

Hides or snuggles in his basket
Looks for a toy to nibble on
Goes potty inside


  • Static electricity changes in the air

As you know, dogs have a keen sense of smell. When the weather changes, they smell it in the air. If they don't want to go outside, it's because during heavy rain, the pressure in the air changes, and dogs don't like this change. This especially affects long-haired dogs because the electricity in the air affects the feel of their hair. You can compare this feeling when you rub your hair in a synthetic blanket or on a balloon, your hair becomes 'electric', it's the same phenomenon with your dog's hair!


  • The smell of rain

You probably recognize the smell of rain? Then imagine how much more your dog must smell. This smell and this humidity can disturb your dog and irritate him, which is why he prefers to stay indoors

  • The sound of rain

As for the sense of smell, your dog has a much more developed sense of hearing than we do. If a thunderstorm startles you, imagine what your dog hears!


  • Rain disrupts their routine

Dogs love their routine. They usually know when it's time to eat, go out, etc. If it's raining like crazy and you give up your usual walk, it's going to disrupt their routine, and they don't like that!

  • A lack of habit

If your dog was never exposed to rain or water as a puppy, they will not have grown up with the feeling of being wet, and this will prevent them from feeling comfortable in the rain.


To help your dog get out into the fresh (and wet) air, consider these best practices:

  • Get him used to water

Whether it's with a hose in the summer, or whether you take your courage in both legs to always jump outside when it's raining, nothing works better than getting your dog used to being wet (in a calm and happy way, so as not to leave a bad impression)


  • Go out with him

Don't leave your dog alone in the rain, go with him! Your dog will appreciate the effort and will be more likely to hurry up.


  • Reward him when he does his business

Reinforce good attitude and behavior with praise or even treats.


  • Keep him dry

Whether it's with an umbrella, or going out to places that are more protected from rain or wind. You can also invest in a doggy raincoat, and if your pooch will let you, you can also try boots to keep his paws dry. 

  • Don't let him do his business indoors

Your dog needs discipline and routine. If you allow him to do his business indoors in the rain, your dog won't know the difference and will get into the habit of doing the same thing in any weather!


  • Keep him occupied indoors with fun activities

Make your dog forget that it's ugly outside, keep him busy with occupying games, chewing objects or playing with him, teaching him new tricks, etc.



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