Pourquoi mon chien fait ses besoins à l'intérieur

Why does my dog do his business indoors?

All of us dog owners have had the same experience at least once in our lives, even if we prefer not to admit it.

Medor has been potty-trained since he was very young and yet, you go out shopping or come back from an appointment and disaster strikes, his needs are in the middle of your living room. What if instead of reprimanding him, punishing him or hiding his toys, you tried to understand what made him do it?

Untrained puppies is a normal behavior because even if some puppies understand very quickly the principle of doing their business outside, it can take up to 6 or 8 months for a dog to be completely clean. A training and a particular attention during his first months of life are obviously necessary. It is better to anticipate the outings rather than being late to the music. It is important to understand that a puppy starts life with a naturally small bladder and a poorly developed sphincter, and that frequent outings are necessary to avoid accidents.

As for an adult dog, he is considered unclean if he regularly relieves himself indoors after the 8th month. This can be quite occasional if you've been away for longer than normal, or if your dog has intestinal problems.

If it's a recurring behavior, however, it's important to understand the causes so you can correct it.

Messy behaviors differ by gender. A male will mark much more than a female. He will mark to feel more at home, to take over the space. He may also mark to get attention. You may find that your older dog leaves you more surprises than in the past, this is also due to his aging age, when some dogs will no longer have the strength to move to urinate outside.

Generally speaking, dogs who relieve themselves indoors suffer from separation anxiety. In this case, your dog will urinate inside as soon as you leave the house. To work on this anxiety, make sure your dog can play and chew toys (so he doesn't destroy them if he gets bored), and that he has had enough outdoor exercise before you leave.

Occasional uncleanliness can also mean health problems. This could be urinary tract infections, incontinence, or more serious. If you suspect anything, don't hesitate to talk to your veterinarian.


If you catch your dog with his hand in the bag, don't punish him, it's useless. Stop the action with a firm order and go outside with it so that it can finish quietly outside.

If you arrive too late, clean up when your dog is not there to prevent him from considering this action as a game or an invitation to play (has he ever tried to bite your mop?)

Never clean with bleach, which reproduces the dog's pheromone odors almost identically; your dog will be tempted to repeat the act in the same place.

Try to go out several times during the day, at fixed times, so that your dog gets used to a routine and can be sure to relieve himself in time.

Don't go home immediately after your dog has done his business, he might then assimilate that doing his business = the end of the walk, and might then want to hold back to make the outing last longer.




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