Télétravailler avec son chien

Working from home with your dog

Having a dog at work is known to promote a positive atmosphere and reduce stress, but we brought work home with us!

We have never worked as much from home as we have in the last two years. Our pets are now accustomed to having us within paw's reach at all hours of the day.

We've put together a guide to successfully work from home with your dog and making these days enjoyable for both humans and pets!



To properly work from home, you need your work equipment and a good office chair. And your dog needs a good bed to rest in!

Choose a quiet, shaded, draft-free area for your dog's naps, with constant access to fresh water.

During hot weather, a cooling mattress will be much appreciated by your dog (as opposed to fans which are much less suitable!).

Be careful not to leave your equipment lying around, as it could either hurt or be nibbled on by your four-legged friend.

If your dog shows signs of boredom during a video conference, keep him busy with a smart game or chew toy for stimulation.



A dog needs a daily routine to feel comfortable and to get through the day in the best possible way. The routine should continue when you are working from home (fixed time meals, walks, naps, etc).

Your dog can sleep up to 20 hours a day, so it is important that there be some time to rest during the day. Your work should not prevent them from resting!

Prioritize a moment outside after your work day, this will allow you to leave your day behind you and a moment of release for your dog, nothing better than a big bowl of fresh air and a good balance between private life and work.



If your dog is clingy or likes to show off during your video conferences, set limits for your dog and implement the "don't move" so they learn to stay still during your next important meeting.



A bored dog acts out and becomes difficult to control.

Indoors, keep him busy with chew toys, stimulating games or by hiding treats.

Outside, give him time to let off steam, go for a long walk, do activities such as cani-cross or agility. This will allow you both to unwind!



4 mistakes to avoid

  • Not giving your dog enough attention during his work day

If you give your dog too much attention, he will get used to it and ask for more every day.

  • No quiet time

Your dog needs to be able to relax!

  • Fear of separation

Your dog gets used to having you around and that's not good! Get into the habit of going on short outings alone so that your dog keeps the habit of being alone.

  • A bored dog...

...will destroy everything in its path! Make time to go out together and keep him busy with stimulating games.



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