Zoom sur le Golden Retriever

Zoom on the Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is an extremely popular and well-loved dog among the world's population. It is the second most popular dog in France, behind the Australian Shepherd.


Its origin remains rather vague, some say it is descended from the Caucasian Shepherd and others say it is a cross between a Saint-Hubert and a Water Spaniel. Other theories mention a cross with an Irish Setter or a Saint John.

The breed was finally recognized in the 1930s in the United Kingdom, and became popular around the 1990s.


Character and behavior

This is a relatively easy-going and trainable dog. It is a very intelligent dog that understands very easily and quickly what you want from it.

He is playful and very loyal, even dependent on his family. It is described as the perfect companion for families with children, or even to accompany the elderly.

It is a calm and gentle dog, which is often used (as well as its intelligence) to become a service dog.

His loyalty sometimes leaves him unable to stay alone for too long.

It is a dog that barks when necessary, but not too much.

Physical characteristics

They are often confused with Labradors!

Golden Retrievers are medium-sized dogs that generally weigh between 24 and 32 kg and measure between 51 and 61 cm at the withers. They are powerful and well proportioned.

The ears are floppy, medium sized. The eyes are very soft to the look.

The coat is medium long, smooth or wavy. Coats are generally between cream and gold.



Like any breed of dog, it needs to expend its energy daily with frequent outings. A life in apartment is not proscribed, if the conditions of exit are respected.

Golden Retrievers are good swimmers and will be very comfortable on the banks of a river.

They are also resistant to long walks and hikes.

Care and maintenance

Very resistant dog, it supports the heat as well as the cold, and can live as much in outside as in inside.

They shed a lot, so weekly brushing is recommended to avoid tangles and keep their hair healthy.

Golden Retrievers can also drool a lot.




As with all dogs, a good quality diet in reasonable quantities is recommended. If the Golden Retriever does not meet its daily energy requirements, it can quickly become overweight. Too much food or too many treats can quickly have an impact on his weight and shape.


Golden Retrievers most often have ear and eye sensitivities that require a little extra attention.

Its size makes it a dog prone to dysplasia problems.


To conclude

The Golden Retriever has an average life expectancy of 13 years.

It is a breed of dog particularly suited to work (hunting, guide dog, search and rescue).

Originally, its name does not mean "golden coated dog" but "retriever of gold".

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