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The Rhodesian Ridgeback comes from South Africa where it was once used to hunt lions with its pack.

The first standard of the breed was established in Rhodesia in the 1920s, then recognized internationally in 1955.

Character and behavior

The Rhodesian is a dog with a gentle temperament, which needs a lot of attention and will be very caring, even clingy, towards its family.

This dog can be a very good hunting dog, or guard dog, as long as he can live inside at night.

It is a dog that can absolutely cohabit with children and other animals as long as it is used to their presence.

One of the characteristics of the breed is that Rhodesians are very wary of strangers, even indifferent if they do not feel any specific danger.

The Rhodesian is obviously a very energetic and athletic dog (very fast) but will still appreciate the comfort of the couch for a nap.

It is a very intelligent dog which requires a thorough education from an early age. A Rhodesian needs a firm and gentle education, and must be rewarded for each good deed. The dog is very sensitive and is not receptive to verbal or physical violence, which should be avoided at all costs.

You will rarely hear a Rhodesian bark, and if you do, it is because the situation calls for it.

Physical Characteristics

The Rhodesian can be recognized by its dorsal ridge - the hair grows backwards from the shoulders to the tip of the hip, getting thinner.

The coat is short and shiny, light wheaten to red fawn. Some white spots on the chest and toes are accepted in the breed standard. 

The body of the Rhodesian is powerful but harmonious, the neck is long and strong.

The head and muzzle are long, the skull is flat. The nose is black or brown, the jaw is strong. The ears are set high and their tip is rounded.  The eyes are round, of the color of the coat, the glance is very lively. The tail is thick at the base and slightly curved upwards.

The standard size varies between 61-70cm at the withers. The average weight is between 30 and 40 kg.

Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies


It is preferable for this breed to live in a house with a garden, especially due to its imposing size, although the Rhodesian adapts easily to all types of environments - with very cold or very hot temperatures - as long as the daily outings are frequent.

The Rhodesian must be constantly stimulated if you do not want it to destroy your cushions.


Care is almost non-existent. Only regular brushing, as well as cleaning of the ears and eyes will be absolutely necessary.

The Rhodesian does not drool and sheds very little.


The Rhodesian's diet must be of high quality from a very young age. The growth of the dog is very fast which requires an adequate diet to avoid further joint and muscle problems.

These dogs have a good appetite and weight gain can be very easy.


The Rhodesian is a very robust dog.

Only a few diseases, of hereditary origin, such as dysplasia, dermoid sinus and congenital myotonia can be detected in the puppy. 


The average life expectancy of a Rhodesian is 11 years.

The Rhodesian of the Pets Ark Family is certainly the one who will have destroyed the most toys, but remains quite adorable, with the humans and with the rest of our tribe!


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